69 church benches, erotic books and binoculars

This project is a series of permanent installation in nature and public spaces. Each installation follows the same procedure: a church bench, an erotic book and binoculars. The titles are eponyms to the books. This series is self-organised, we do not ask permission to install the benches.

Project in collaboration with Mattias Cantzler.


Terror, Paris, France


Lover Man, Mainz, Germany


Masculine Landscapes, Unnaryd, Sweden

Prenons un air dégagé: We already had no history

Mosaic Rooms, London

Intervening Space: From the intimate to the world, curated by Yasmina Reggad

May-June 2014

Prenons un air dégagé: We already had no history is a poetical attempt to perform plausible scenari around my own biography through the problematic concepts of “identity” and “nationality” in a country where ethnicities are very mixed and go beyond the so-called "arab world". For this piece, I have been re-enacting people's stories tracked during my residency in Algiers (aria) and trips through the country. There are sounds where I try to articulate Turkish words ("from north to south") without knowing anything about Turkish language. In some other recordings, I ask an arab speaking old man to remember the Berber phonetics. 

The installation is composed by 5 selected «exhausted-proto-readymades» rescued before they reached their very last breath. The sound-objects sporadically answer each-other: the forced shared space is a situation that creates connections.

Prenons un air dégagé: We already had no history was part of the group exhibition «Intervening Space: From the intimate to the world» at Mosaic Rooms, curated by Yasmina Reggad, commissionned by aria (artist residency in algiers) for The Mosaic Rooms and supported by Office for Contemporary Art Norway (OCA). 

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